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Hero Training

Training up your heroes is an important task if you want to control the realm!

There are plenty of heroes for you to choose from.

Training your heroes will increase your Power, and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

There are multiple ways to improve your heroes: Leveling up, ascension, learning skills, and upgrading your Crest.

The following introductions should be enough to get you started on the right path.

Find the heroes menu in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Upgrading Heroes

Heroes can earn EXP to level up through Hero Trials or by using EXP Scrolls.

All heroes have a level cap which can be broken through when you increase your Lord's maximum level.


[Hero Gear]

Hero Gears are at the core of training heroes. Gears greatly determine the strength of your heroes.

Improving Gears not only unlocks new Hero Skills and War Skills but also change stats and give troop bonuses.

Crest levels, from low to high, have ten levels.


(Common Crest, Elite Crest, Elite Crest +1, Rare Crest, Rare Crest +1)

(Rare Crest +2, Epic Crest, Epic Crest +1, Epic Crest +2, Epic Crest +3)

Each level of Crest requires Crest items to upgrade. Crest items can be obtained through Hero Trials.



Once you have enough Hero Chips, you can ascend your hero.

Ascension increases stat growth and makes heroes much stronger.


Learning Skills

Each hero has two sets of skills. Hero Skills are used in Hero Trials, levels, and other battles.

Unleash Battle Skills in Warfare and battle.

[Hero Skills]

Increase Hero Crest level to unlock higher level Hero Skills. Increase skill level to see more impressive skills in battle!

Hero Skills are either active or passive.


[Battle Skills]

At the same time, increasing Hero Crest level unlocks more War Skills.

War Skills are not only for Warfare--they also assist when building up your fief and provide bonuses for each type of troop.

When selecting a hero, it's important to pay attention to the Crest level.



Equip hero with powerful equipment will increase his battle power and make you stronger.


Activate the fare between two heroes will increase the power of both heroes and bring the extra buff to the hero queue.