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HomeThe Third Age Update 09/21 @ 04:10 AM Server Time
The Third Age Update 09/21 @ 04:10 AM Server Time

Update Time:

2022/09/21 16:10-17:30 GMT+8

2022/09/21 04:10-05:30 Server Time


Added the Ring of Power, the icon is in the upper left corner of the interface. The Ring of Power can increase all troops' power and reduce Fatigue in Warfare.


1. Time Chain unlocking level adjusted to Castle Lv. 8

2. Adjusted some rewards of Time Chain

3. Changed the novice map and plot before entering the Fief, as well as the model and name of Center City

[Bug Fixed]

Fixed the display problem that when the Guild total power exceeds 2.1 billion, the Guild list and player's Guild information will have the negative value.